Special needs

We believe in every child's right to be included  through play and activities. Managing difficulties is best learned in an embracing community.

Dalgården is also a special needs facility for 5 children with a wide range of obstacles in their lives - be it developmental issues, family crisis or other difficulties. The staff have special training in addressing different types of difficulties, and make developmental plans in close collaboration with parents and specialists (child psychologists, speech therapists and so on).

These children are fully included in the preschool groups, but will have a more structured day with more help from the staff. In addition to helping the child managing his/her difficulties, the staff will teach all children patience, empathy and conflict management, in order to provide an inclusive environment for play and activitiets for all.

Visitation is done through Gentofte Kommune’s special needs consultant. If you have had Dalgården suggested for your child with special needs, please call and make an appointment for a visit.