New to the Danish daycare system? Read here what we provide and what to expect.

Enlisting and payment is solely administered through Gentofte Kommune. Apart from a few additional fees for certain activities in the preschool group, we are not involved in payment.

We provide:

  • Full use of the opening hours if needed
  • Breakfast until 8 o'clock if needed
  • Lunch and afternoon meal for children under 3 
  • Diapers for children under 3 
  • Activities including materials, fares and admition fees

Your child needs to bring:

  • Clothes and shoes for all types of weather
  • Lunch in a lunch box, if your child is over 3
  • A piece of fruit, and if your child is in Væksthuset, also a piece of bread or a healthy snack for the afternoon meal 
  • Other practical necessities like dummies, backpack, indoor shoes etc.


Not all staff is equally skilled in English. This can make our daily communication a bit difficult. You are always welcome to send an email, or phone later and talk to someone who speaks English.

Most of our information will be sent out on email or through "BørneGenvej" - activity plans, info about field trips and projects, diary about your child's group activities and more. We try our best to give you direct information about the most important things (like what time to bring your child on a field trip day), but we also expect you to ask for help, if you need it.

If English doesn't work well for you or us, we will provide an interpreter for our regular collaboration meetings. If need be, the interpreter can also be involved in written communication, like translating our emails for you.