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Børnehuset Dalgården is a daycare facility for app. 135 infants, toddlers and preschoolers (3-6).

In the menu you'll find information about our curriculum and services.

In the box on the right you'll find links to our welcoming brochure. You need to read this, if your child is enrolled in Dalgården. 

Other documents will be sent to you by mail or email. If you have any trouble filling the forms, you'll find a translation sheet in the box on the right. Or you may ask us to help you, when your child starts.

Not all staff is equally skilled in English. Please ask for

  • Jeanette (infant dept. "Spirehuset")
  • Sanne (toddler dept. "Drivhuset")
  • Elisabeth (preschool dept. "Væksthuset")

Welcoming brochure

Get a thorough introduction to Børnehuset Dalgården

Translation sheet

Use this sheet as reference, when you fill out the forms that we send you when your child is enrolled.